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How We Work

What can you, as a client, expect when you hire the Artplaymix.com team?

We understand that many of our potential clients might benefit from an explanation of how we work. So we created this page in order to help you understand what to expect during the creative process.

Our main goal when working on a job is to delight our clients! To that end, we stress the importance of good communication. The following scenario details our workflow during the creation of a pinup commissioned by Play Magazine.

The client requested that we create a full-color pinup of 'Airan Jo' from the videogame 'Sin and Punishment'. We were supplied with a reference picture of the character.

After doing some research, Jason submitted an initial sketch (showing the basic layout of the illustration) and received the client's approval to continue.

The pencils were then solidified and shown to our client. Upon recieving confirmation that the finished pencils were to their liking, Jason proceeded to ink.

The inked illustration was then submitted to the client, and Heather began coloring the piece. Upon completion of the color stage, the illustration was submitted for approval one final time (giving our client every opportunity to suggest alterations).

In this case no tweaking was necessary, so a hi-res version of the finished product was uploaded to a secure location on our server for the client to download.

This illustration of Airan Jo was featured as an editorial pinup in Play Magazine's 'Girls of Gaming' Volume 2!

We thoroughly enjoy the creative process, and hope that our clients will have fun working with us. However, it is ultimately a business transaction. The Artplaymix.com team is dedicated to creating art that benefits our clients, and we make it our job to ensure that you are thrilled with the outcome.

We look forward to working with you!

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