Character: Tama-Neko Series: Fushigi Yuugi Debuted: Animazement 2000

Watasi Yuu (Creator of Fushigi Yuugi) and me as Tama-Neko!
Photographer Unknown
Photographer Unknown
Photographer Unknown

I decided to make my Tama-neko costume when I heard that Watase Yuu (creator of Fushigi Yuugi) would be coming back to the US for Animazement 2000. It was the purrrfect excuse to make a mascot-style costume. Look, I even got a photo with her! I really enjoyed getting such nice reactions from people, especially children (who gave me lotsa hugs) ^_^.
First Place on Master Level (Animazement 2000)
Best in Show (Animazement 2000)
Technical Achivement Award (A-kon 2000)
Bijoki's Judge Award (A-kon 2000)
Second Place in the Studio Pierrot Cosplay Contest